The first career-infused social studies program for K-8th grade

Introduce your students to social studies in the real world. All lessons are hands-on and let students experience social studies through real careers.


What’s included:

Lesson Plans

100s of hands-on lessons that allow kids to explore history, geography, civics, culture, and economics.

Visual Aids & Handouts

Accompanying handouts and pictures guide students through lessons.


Short videos introduce students to social studies careers and topics.

Activity Magazines

Activity magazines feature professionals and incorporate reading and vocabulary into social studies!

Vocabulary Cards

Create a social studies career word wall to give students the language to talk about related topics and careers.

Writing Extensions

Writing extensions provide fun, creative prompts that incorporate writing into social studies learning.

Get lesson descriptions and access to full program on the 2-week free trial!




“I love the visuals for students to use at the beginning of the lesson. I also think the lessons are engaging and don’t require materials that will break the bank!”

– Keri Strusz, 4th-grade teacher


“I love the variety of lessons and how complete they are! They are perfect for all grade levels.”

– Emmy Hamilton, Kindergarten teacher