The first career-infused science program
for K-8th grade

Introduce your students to science in the real world.
All lessons are NGSS aligned, hands-on, and let students experience science through real careers.


What’s included:

Lesson Plans

100s of hands-on lessons provide projects and experiments that allow kids to explore science concepts

Visual Aids & Handouts

Accompanying handouts and pictures guide students through the hands-on activities


Short videos introduce students to science careers and concepts

Activity Magazines

Activity magazines feature science professionals and incorporate reading and vocabulary into science

Vocabulary Cards

Create a science career word wall to give students the language to talk about science concepts and careers

Writing Extensions

Writing extensions give students the opportunity to reflect on their learning


Assessments track student learning of science concepts and careers

Teacher Training

30-minute webinar training prepares teachers to effectively implement Science Career Adventures

Teacher Web Portal

Teacher-friendly web portal lets downloading and printing instructional materials easy