Career Adventures Preschool Program

Join top preschools around the country who are starting career readiness early

Where kids get to:



Develop confidence in key skills, like problem solving, experimentation, and creativity.


Explore careers that relate to their interests.


Play and discover through hands-on activities.

Through our Career Adventures program, preschoolers get to be:



Urban Planners

Plant Biologists

Program Features:

Teachers access lesson plans and other resources on our online teacher portal. Activities are typically 15-20 minutes in length. Kids get to clean up an oil spill like a marine biologist or design a blueprint like an architect.

Discovery Journals:
Journals encourage scientific thinking, brainstorming, and design.

Visual Aids & Videos:
Visual aids and videos accompany lessons to show students real-world pictures and videos related to activities.

We offer weekly webinars to introduce teachers to the program and provide suggestions for implementation. A recorded webinar is also available for teachers to watch on their own time.

Non-Fiction Activity Books:
These non-fiction activity books introduce students to the career.

Coming Summer 2018: Career Adventures Activity Books
Activity books take students on career adventures with the help of a career kid.

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You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers


How is the program delivered?

Programs are available through an online teacher portal. Materials are downloadable and instructors have 24-hour access to materials from all their devices.

Do I need to purchase other materials to go with the program?

Most materials needed for our programs are likely found in your classroom, are recycled materials, or can be easily purchased at your neighborhood grocery store.

When do I use the program?

Most schools implement the program as an after school or elective opportunity. Each lesson is an individual unit that can be taught at any time, in any order. We suggest pairing one of our lessons with a lesson you already planned. For example, if you were teaching about marine life, our ocean engineer or marine biologist lesson would be a great addition! Or incorporate the paleontology lesson into your dinosaur-themed week!

How long does each lesson take?

Each lesson is 15-20 minutes of instructional material. We suggest doing 1-2 lessons per week.

What types of activities are there?

Our activities range from building and experimentation to art and design. We try to include several types of activities in each lesson to engage all types of learners.

Can I adapt the lessons?

Of course! We encourage teachers to make changes or add their own personal touches to lessons.

Can my teachers receive in-person training for the program?

We offer weekly webinars where teachers can ask the creators of the program questions and be introduced to the program. Instructors can also watch the recorded orientation video on their own time. However, if your teachers would like in person training, we can arrange that for an additional cost.

My question is not here or was not answered. How can I contact you?

Email us at or call 314-272-2560.