What’s included:

Lesson Plans

100s of hands-on lessons bring STEM careers to the classroom.

Lessons are 30 minutes – 1 hour.

Lessons only require simple classroom art, building, and experiment supplies.

Science Journals & Handouts

Lessons include science journals and handouts so students can record their findings and express their ideas.

Videos & Pictures

Real-world videos and pictures bring STEM careers to life.

Activity Books

Activity books are an opportunity to send STEM learning home or incorporate STEM Careers into literacy.

Activity book activities are 10 – 15 minutes.

Vocabulary Cards

Create a STEM career word wall to give students the language to talk about their favorite STEM careers.

Creative-Writing Extensions

Creative-writing activities let students use their imagination and knowledge of STEM careers to answer prompts.


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How teachers use lessons:

STEM Labs, Makerspaces, Specials

Bring more STEM into the school day. Use lessons as part of a STEM lab, makerspace, or new special.

Science Class

Use lessons to incorporate STEM and careers into science learning

STEM Clubs and Summer Programs

Try out a new club at your school or use lessons during a summer camp.

Success Stories


“I love that the students are able to learn about STEM and also learn what career matches up to the STEM lesson I am teaching. “

– Alexander Galloway, STEM teacher



“I love that we introduce the adventure, show them pictures or videos, give them the goal, and then it is all up to the students!!! It is so exciting not just to watch their creativity come alive, but to hear the discussions about what they are doing.”

– Barbara Cajowski, 3rd-grade teacher