What’s included:

100  Hands-On Lessons
  • Every lesson is a 30-minute hands-on activity with 10 minutes of prep or less
  • Visual aids and videos show STEM careers in action
  • Brainstorm Pages allow students to plan ideas
  • Handouts provide easy, step-by-step instructions

Online Teacher Portal
  • Access lessons any time, any where!
  • Print and download materials or display on Smartboard
  • No training needed on how to use portal – just login and get started!

Additional Resources
  • Planning guides help you fit STEM into your busy schedule
  • Monthly STEM activity guides related to current events, seasons, and holidays
  • Weekly webinars that let you ask questions and hear how other educators use lessons


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How teachers use lessons:

STEM Labs, Makerspaces, Specials
  • Bring more STEM into the school day. Use lessons as part of a STEM lab, makerspace, or new special.

Science Class
  • Use lessons to incorporate STEM and careers into science learning

STEM Clubs and Summer Programs
  • Try out a new club at your school or use lessons during a summer camp.