Exploring Israel through a modern-day lens

For educators and students in Jewish day schools, after school programs, religious schools, and preschools.

Students will learn to:


Develop a new connection to modern-day Israel by understanding that Israel is more than a place of religious and historical significance.


Identify key cities on a map and recognize their significance as centers of innovation.


Articulate ways in which Israel is committed to Tikkun Olam and is making global contributions in and outside of Israel.


Create and test prototypes inspired by Israeli inventions.


The DISC (Discovering Israel through STEAM Careers) program teaches  students (PreK-3rd grade) about STEAM careers in different regions of Israel. STEAM is a high interest topic for students at these ages, making it an effective vehicle to teach about Israel through a modern lens. DISC can be implemented in a broad range of educational settings (day schools, after school programs, religious schools, and preschools) by new and seasoned teachers. Most importantly, DISC is rooted in authentic learning, meaning every lesson reflects challenges and activities that STEAM professionals encounter in Israel today.

Through our DISC programs, kids get to be:



Urban Planners

Plant Biologists

The DISC program includes:

10 lesson plans that each focus on a region of Israel and a STEAM career (Like a marine biologist in Eilat):
Each lesson includes 2-2.5 hours of activities, ranging from experiments and building to art and design projects.

Discovery Journals:
Each lesson is accompanied by a journal page that encourages scientific thinking through graphing, observation, and drawing.

Visual Aids:
Visual aids come with each lesson to show students real-world pictures and videos related to activities.

1-hour online training:
1-hour online training session accompanies each purchase of a program. During this training, teachers will be given an overview of the program and can ask the developers questions about implementation.

Parent Letters:
Letters that explain to parents what students are learning so that parents are engaged and a part of their children’s learning experience.

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers

How much is DISC?

Programs are priced by student or classroom depending on the size of the school. We work with schools to ensure that our program will fit within your budget. Visit the Get A Quote page to get started!

How is the program delivered?

Programs are available through an online portal. Materials are downloadable and teachers have 24-hour access to materials from all their devices.

Do I need to purchase other materials to go with the program?

Most materials needed for our programs are likely found in your classroom, are recycled materials, or can be easily purchased at your neighborhood grocery store.

Can I have two grade levels learn the same material?

Yes! The K-1 and 2 nd -3 rd grade programs are developmentally appropriate for both grade levels. Each year, new lessons will be released so schools can students will learn about new careers and regions year after year.

When can I integrate lessons into my classroom?

Anytime you want. Each lesson is an individual unit that can be taught at any time. We suggest pairing a DISC lesson with a lesson you already planned. For example, if you were teaching about marine life, our ocean engineer or marine biologist lesson would be a great addition! Or if you were teaching about Tikkun Olam, the graphic designer lesson includes an activity on helping people who have immigrated to Israel from other countries.

How long does each lesson take?

Each lesson has 4-5 activities that last between 10 minutes to 1 hour in length. On average, each lesson has 2-2.5 hours of material. We suggest completing a lesson across 1-2 classes.

What types of activities are there?

Our activities range from building and experimentation to art and design. We try to include several types of activities in each lesson to engage all types of learners.

Can I adapt the lessons?

Of course! We encourage teachers to make changes or add their own personal touches to lessons.

Can my teachers receive in-person training for the program?

Yes! Each program comes with 1 hour of training on the program via Skype. However, if your teachers would like in person training, we can arrange that for an additional cost. We recommend several schools in the same city implementing the program to purchase in-person training and conduct it at the same time.

My question is not here or was not answered. How can I contact you?

Email us at info@rozzylearningcompany.com or call 480-586- 8678.