Featured Educational Partners

We are excited to work with schools and organizations who share our mission to bring high-quality, accessible education to kids around the world. Here are some of our featured partners:

Head Start: Together, Rozzy and Headstart are providing teachers with STEM career resources.
FasTracKids: Rozzy and FasTracKids have partnered to create FasTracK Careers for their over 400 international learning centers.
BrainSTEM BrainSTEM: Alongside Rozzy, Brainstem Alliance is providing STEM education to organizations.
Rozzy is providing their Career Adventures program to all Rockwood Early Childhood Centers.
Rozzy’s Career Adventures program is featured in KIPP LA elementry schools.
Ready Readers: Rozzy is providing 2,000 of their children’s books to Ready Readers’ kids.

Featured Corporate Partners

Rozzy works with small businesses and corporations to support its mission to provide innovative enrichment programs to kids around the world.

Capital Innovators: Capital Innovators is a top business accelerator and innovation engine. Rozzy and Capital Innovators have partnered to create Rozzy’s upcoming entrepreneurship program.
Lifeblood: Rozzy is using the power of Lifeblood’s technology to bring their digital programs to kids around the world.
Mastercard supported Ready Readers’ goal to provide kids with high-quality STEM children’s books, like Rozzy’s Maggie the Magnifying Glass.
Arch Grants: Rozzy is a 2017 Arch Grant recipient. Through the Arch Grant program, Rozzy is able to expand its current program and offer more innovative programs to kids.