About Us

The Rozzy team comprises individuals with unique backgrounds, work experiences, and reasons for joining Rozzy. We always ask our employees, “What’s your why?” For some, they join the team because they want to positively impact education. Others join because they want to be on the ground level of a startup. But, a big part of everyone’s why is that they love coming to work every day, chatting with customers, and learning how we can make teachers’ teaching experience easier and enjoyable.

Join the Rozzy Team and Find Your Why


Open positions

Inside Sales Representative (STL-based)

Field Sales Representative (remote)

Customer Success Manager (STL-based)

Perks of being a Rozzy team member:

  • Offices in the Central West End
  • Individual and team bonuses for all positions
  • Free coffee and snacks
  • Monthly team lunches
  • Weekly recognition & feedback
  • Career development

“I love working at Rozzy because the culture brings out my strengths, and also challenges me. Our programs make a strong impact on both students and teachers in the schools we work with, and that gives me purpose in my role.”
– Olivia Quinlan, Senior Sales Executive

“Ever since I graduated college with my degree in education, I knew I wanted to continue to make a difference in students’ lives. Working at Rozzy has been the best experience I could have, and I am so thankful to continue working with other teachers and make an impact on their students’ education.”
– Samantha Ross, Director of Teacher Engagement

“Special things happen when you wake up every day loving what you do, and the team you do it with. At Rozzy, you’re surrounded by amazing people with a winning mindset that will inspire you to do your best work. I love being a part of this team.”
– Brandon Spriggs, Director of Sales

“I like working for Rozzy because I feel like I can help get kids hooked on science at a young age and introduce them to careers they didn’t even know existed. Rozzy lessons are truly fun for both the teachers and kids.”
– Ashley Himmelhaver, Curriculum writer; Middle school STEM teacher; Masters in Interdisciplinary Sciences

“Developing Rozzy products allows me to be a part of something extraordinary. By inspiring young people to imagine future possibilities they never knew existed, I am helping to create the next generation of scientists and innovators, something our world needs!”
– Elizabeth Basa, Curriculum writer; 20+ year science educator

“Imagine landing your dream job and then multiply by 1000…that’s what it’s like working at Rozzy. I am able to do what I love, for the people I love in the name of education. Providing authentic learning experiences for students and their teachers that gives them a glimpse into exciting careers gives me such a great sense of accomplishment.”
– Kelly Klug, Senior Curriculum Writer; K-8 Science and Math Teacher; Masters in Special Education