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10,000 teachers love Rozzy Career Adventures because:

  • Fun and engaging
  • Only 10 minutes or less of prep needed
  • Aligned to national and state standards
  • No expensive kits or technology needed – all you need is recycled materials and art supplies!


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Take a peek at what Rozzy Career Adventures programs look like in action

Check out these 4th graders learning about reptiles

They’re thinking like herpetologists and creating a plan to rehabilitate injured reptiles.

Check out these 7th graders’ learning about heat transfer

They are thinking like mechanical engineers and designing a cold pack to transport medications for a pharmaceutical company.


Sign up now for 2-week free trial

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Loved by teachers and kids alike

“I’ve reviewed so many science and STEM things over the past two months, and I hadn’t found exactly what I was looking for until I saw Career Adventures. We love it!” – Colleen, Middle school teacher

“I love that we introduce the adventure, show them pictures or videos, give them the goal, and then it is all up to the students!!! It is so exciting not just to watch their creativity come alive, but to hear the discussions about what they are doing.” – Barbara Cajowski, 3rd-grade teacher

“Giving them opportunities to learn real-world jobs that they can have in their futures, is everything. Our goal is to set them up for success and teach them how to set goals. I believe that your program does that exactly.” – Julia Perna, gifted specialist