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Why Kids Should Participate:

  • Develop problem-solving, creativity, and critical thinking skills
  • Have fun while building and designing 
  • Learn about the types of STEM projects real professionals work on 

Why educators should participate:

  • Provide a new and exciting way to do STEM and career learning
  • Get new STEM tools and items for your house or classrooms
  • Bring STEM careers to your home or classroom in an easy and affordable way


Who can Participate?

  1. Families: Perfect for weekend fun, rainy day activities, and play dates!
  2. Schools: Groups of students can collaborate on STEM career projects!
  3. Organizations: Perfect for after-school programs, Girl and Boy Scout Troops, and more!

How it Works

Step 1: Choose an age group and challenge

PreK-K (ages 3-6)

Design a house that looks like an animal or food

View PreK-K Challenge

1st-5th Grade (ages 7-11)

Design a theme park ride centered on a specific theme

View 1st-5th Grade Challenge

6th-8th Grade (11-14)

Design a feature to add to a famous monument

View 6-8th Grade Challenge

Step 2: Tinker, Build, and Design!

  • In teams or solo, kids can use only recycled, upcycled, and art supplies typically found in a classroom or home to create their designs.
  • Suggested time of 30-90 minutes for kids to complete their projects!
  • Take photos of the projects and have kids do a short write up on their design process. The photos and write up are their entry submissions. No need to send projects or travel to compete!
  • Check out the challenge rules for specific guidelines.

Step 3:  Pay your entry fee and submit your entries by March 9, 2019 at 11pm EST

  • The entry fee is $20 for an unlimited number of entries for an individual teacher/educator. This means that every child in your class can submit an entry! 
  • Current STEM Career Adventure users get to enter the challenge for free! Email to get your coupon (if you haven’t received it already)
  • ENTRIES MUST BE SUBMITTED AS ONE POWERPOINT. CLICK HERE FOR SAMPLE POWERPOINT. If you are submitting multiple entries, please put a title page in between entries of Powerpoint.
  • If you have any questions or would like to write a PO rather than a credit card (schools/orgs only), contact Allison Bischoff at or 314-272-2560.

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Step 4: Have projects reviewed by some of your favorite Instagram teachers and win prizes

All participants will receive a Career Kid Challenge Certificate!

Preschool prize

Elementary prize

Middle School prize

STEM Toys and Resources Gift Box STEAM toys and resources that will keep your kids tinkering all day

Robotics Kit Your students will get to discover how to build robots that perform tasks

Drones Students will get to fly high and learn how to pilot drones


Meet the Panel of Judges
Click on their name to check out their Instagrams!

Sammie Ripley: Sammie is a 4th-grade teacher in North Carolina. She absolutely loves teaching upper elementary kids! Her favorite subjects to teach are Math and Science.

Whitney Ramirez: Whitney is an elementary school teacher in San Diego, CA. She is currently teaching a 1st and 2nd-grade combination class, and he believes in being a lifelong learner!

Haley Smith: Haley is a 5th-grade in Southern California. She teaches all things STEAM and student engagement.

Jose Cortez: Jose is a Math Coach in Keller, Texas. He is passionate about helping teachers through his role as a Math Coach and through his small business BERTEUA & Co. 

Vanessa Keller: Vanessa is a 5th-grade teacher in rural Wyoming. Her goal is to give her students rich and authentic learning opportunities each week through STEM.

Jen Regan: Jen is a 4th-grade teacher from Western New York. She believes in motivating students through engaging lessons.

Rory Yakubov: Rory is a 9th-grade teacher from New Jersey. Her students are busy working on engaging lessons, from fun online activities to keeping an interactive class notebook.

Jenna May: Jenna is a 1st-grade teacher from Ohio. Jenna has her Master’s Degree in education, with a focus on K-8 math and science.

Kelly Bates: Kelly is an elementary school teacher with a passion for making learning hands-on and student driven.

Corinna Gandara: Corinna has been a 2nd-grade teacher for 20 years! She is always looking for new ways to educate herself and enhance her classroom. 

Kasha Ashworth: Kasha is a 2nd-grade reading teacher and STEM coach from Texas. She loves teaching and inspiring her students to do their very best.

Shandell Gammon: Shandell is a 4th-grade teacher in Australia. She loves how STEM activities engage students as they can see a purpose for what they’re creating! 

Melissa Bergsteinsson: Melissa is a 1st-grade teacher in California. She is in her 6th year of teaching and loves drinking coffee all day long.