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The Rozzy Teacher Ambassador program is an awesome way for you to participate in growing the Rozzy community and giving us feedback on upcoming products.

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Why Be an Ambassador

  • Become a leader at your school
  • Share your tips, tricks, and methods for the classroom with the Rozzy teacher community
  • Have an impact on the products Rozzy creates

Perks of Being an Ambassador

  • Get Career Kid swag for your students and classrooms all year long

  • Get free trial access to upcoming Rozzy products

  • Give your opinion on new products

  • Host webinars on your teaching techniques and styles for colleagues

  • Represent Rozzy at conferences

New Teacher Ambassador Members

Once you have been selected to be an ambassador, you will get the following:

  • A form to fill out so we can learn all about you
  • New member swag pack:
    • Career Kid Stickers
    • Career Kid Bookmarks
    • Career Kid Bulletin Board materials to hang in your classroom
  • Calendar outlining your ambassador tasks
  • Template social media posts




“STEM is my passion within teaching. STEM has helped challenge my students and meet them where they are. Before Rozzy, I was writing my own science curriculum, tied in with literacy, but now I am excited to use STEM Career Adventures.”

– Kendra Glenn, kindergarten teacher