Building Passion not Resumes

We are experiencing a bit of an epidemic in the American education system.

Kids are not being kids. That’s right, we are pressuring kids from the youngest ages to achieve high test scores, overcommit to multiple extracurricular activities, and spend hours completing worksheets and homework.

You might think that these kids are extremely well prepared for college (their test scores and resumes are pretty impressive). But, they really aren’t. These kids are burned out and don’t have the passion and curiosity to for learning.

More important than building resumes is building passion. It can be passion to build a meaningful career, explore an interesting topic, or make a difference in society. Passion equips kids with the grit, perseverance, creativity, and critical thinking skills they need to thrive.

Join me in changing the conversation. Having passion and drive is a lot more impressive than a resume full of random extracurricular activities and high test scores.

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