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Take a peek at our career-infused programs

Stem Career

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Perfect for:

  • STEM labs and electives/specials
  • After-school and summer programs
  • Makerspaces

Scient Career

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Perfect for:

  • NGSS-supplement to science class
  • Science club
  • Science after-school and summer program

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Perfect for:

  • Social Studies class
  • Culture-focused electives
  • Supplement to English

Spark students’ interest in careers 

Teachers use our programs because they’re:

Career & STEM-Focused

Students get to practice important STEM skills and learn about related careers in all programs.


Fun & Engaging

We bring the fun! Students get to clean up an oil spill like a marine biologist or create a new high-tech backpack like a designer. Every activity lets students try something new and different.


Easy-to-use & Affordable

Our motto is 10 minutes or less of prep. You will also never have to purchase expensive kits or materials.


Educators say…

“My principal and I love how the lessons are separated by STEM career. We havn’t seen that before in other curriculums.”

– Amanda, STEM Coordinator

“I’ve reviewed so many science and STEM things over the past two months, and I haven’t found exactly what I was looking for until I saw what you offered when I reviewed all the samples.”

– Colleen, Teacher

“We used some of the programming for our first week of camp (our STEM) week and it was a huge hit! The girls LOVED it. I’m really looking forward to using it with our After School Program!”

– Justine, Program Director

Having this career-based program elevated my schools’ curriculum. It not only engaged the kids, but the parents loved seeing our school value career learning. We’re bringing this back every year!”

– Dave Nagar, Franchise Owner